Friday, November 20, 2009


Thankful seems like such a small word when I think of all of the blessings I have..

Each of these table tops are so beautiful in their own lovely, individual and meaningful way.

And though decorating for the holidays is one of my very favorite things to do, I am determined to think less of the china matching the silver, or the napkins folded just right, and instead focus on WHO is at my table and WHY they are there.

Yes the food will be delicious. But more delicious than a warm pumpkin pie is the feeling of warmth in one's heart when a simple glance around that beautiful table will feed one's soul with memories and love.

THAT is perhaps the best recipe for a perfect Thanksgiving.

And I plan on creating lots and lots of it.

Below are three lovely ideas that capture the essence of Thanksgiving yet are simple to recreate.

I love the simple message of "Thanks" on this napkin ring. However, one could also use this same idea but with names instead, creating lovely place cards.

What I love most about this lovely idea is the way mine will be created. My girls and I are going to enjoy a walk through the park on a chilly Saturday morning and they will be filled with pride as they find the perfect pine cones to use for our display.

The smell. Can you imagine the smell? This is a must.

I hope I have given a tad of inspiration to you..
May you all be blessed with a warm and magical Thanksgiving.
Best Wishes,


Tiina said...


hope you are doing great jolena! i'm moving, please follow me to my new location and update your links. all the best!


Fabulously french said...

Hope that you are having a very happy thanksgiving. Love the hanging pinecones and the cinnamon candles - I am going to make some of the candles as I adore the smell of cinnamon.


Anne said...

Top idea the pinecones and the cinnamon candle holders. Lovely thoughts to celebrate the festive season and have great smells in the house.


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