Tuesday, June 30, 2009


If I could capture the essence of any of the many inspirational pictures I've seen, the one above would be it.

As you may or may not remember, I am in the midst of redoing my living room. My mother has given me a blue/white china plate that I simply adore, so I am changing my room from what once was "Old Hollywood Glamour" style, to something a little more ... well, perhaps grown up me?

I am struggling with it though. Because for a room with no "theme" it certainly feels like it.. almost as if I'm trying too hard.. does that make sense? And for those of you that love design as I do.. you must know that is a terrible feeling.. because if it doesn't feel right when putting it together.. it will not feel right ever..

When I had my old Hollywood prints, and my old French ads, it just felt right... perhaps a combination of the two would be good? forget good.. I think it is necessary.. I think perhaps, I am struggling because I may not be able to move on.. to remove my pretty little things I've been in love with for so long.. perhaps a slow "redo" is more suitable than a complete redo..

I am certainly babbling now.. so I will leave you with a few more inspirational images I've found and love..


This post is titled "Elizabeth" as that is what I have named my chair I am in the midst of upholstering for this room. :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Mother of Pearl.

Oh how I LOVE Mother of Pearl! I did a small google search to find her history and found that Mother of Pearl was used in decor' as far back as 4000 BC in Egypt.

I love the inlay on this mirror I would love to see this mirror hanging in my plum colored bedroom! It would match perfectly.. {swoon!}

I also love these mother of pearl mosaic tiles.. SO many things could be done with these! I would LOVE to tile an entire wall with one!

Glamorous, yes?

It's only natural for me to have Black Mother of Pearl on here as well. Can you imagine washing your hands in this beauty

This one has my heart racing.

And then there are the more simple uses of this beauty... and when I say simple, I do not in any way feel or mean less beautiful...

I adore this vintage Mother of Pearl necklace.

Lovely frames from Restoration Hardware.

and this dainty mirror above this lucky little lady's room...

And for my favorite...

Celestina Mother of Pearl Clutch.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Black and White Outdoor Love.

It's summertime and I am stuck indoors... I thought a little outdoor inspiration in my favorite {black and white} color combination was in order...

This first one is quite immaculate.. the ceiling to floor drapes, the mirror.. I adore it.. it would be so comfortable and cozy.. the drapes allow for privacy when closed yet one can easily let the sunshine in.. I love the tiny pops of red to liven it up a bit.. and the chandelier? hello gorgeous!

This one is more my style.. I love the hanging votive candles and the hydrangeas.. the stone fireplace is so romantic and I love the natural elements used in the vignette..the comfy throw draped on the back of the chair and the candles on the ground are just begging you to come have a seat..

Another modern space..yet the antique chairs behind the sheers and the large mirror add romance to the space..

And I know this is a popular image {rightfully so} but I had to post it.. I LOVE the use of yellow and the stripes.. I adore black and white stripes...
So now I am inspired! I will leave in an hour.. go home and pour some Merlot.. and then go outdoors and do a little of decorating my own outdoor space.. will make for a lovely evening..

How Lovely!

This morning I logged on to find a wonderful surprise. Thank you so much Tina at Livea Concept for giving me this Lovely Blog Award!

I adore your blog and to see mine with your other favorites was such an honor as those are some of my very favorites too!
I am passing this award to:
My favorite fashionista Sonja of Natasha's Reincarnation Haven and Home, Camilla At Home, Marley & Lockyer The Paris Apartment,Swish and Swanky,and finally, my friend Tiffany at The Red Door which is new to the blogging world.. So ladies.. pass these on to your favorite lovely blogs and have a fabulous Thursday!

Friday, June 19, 2009

This is what my weekend plans are.

However, there needs to be a {large} glass of merlot on the table.

Happy Weekend.

Yes Please.

I love every inch of this room.. from the beautiful stools to the antique table... the perfectly matching rug... the elegant cream drapes..

Oh yes... the view is quite nice as well.

Belle Blue.

My mother gave me a large plate similar to this one and I adore it. My living room is already a pale blue color with white crown molding and hard wood floors. I have posted a few pictures for inspiration below...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Sweet Baby Sister Savannah Lynn.

Married on Monday.
I made her bouquet out of two dozen roses and wrapped it with lace from our mother's wedding veil.. my mother was married to our father thirty five years ago.

Some may think it horrid to cut fabric from her veil, but when I suggested it to my mother her face lit up with a smile as she said, "and that can be her something old."

I love how the once white lace has turned to a beautiful ivory. I hope to do the same for my wedding.

My Paris Abella.

Just posting a little inspiration for my daughters room redo. I am half way there and will try to post a "sneak peek" this evening.

Paris is a sweet, quiet and tender hearted little girl. She loves to play with horses and her babies. I wanted her room to reflect her personality and so far I think it is doing just that.

She has a wooden play kitchen from Pottery Barn Kids in her room. That has been my biggest challenge.. it's a small room already and with a refrigerator, stove and cupboard, it hasn't been easy to create a special space for everything she has.

I have a few ideas in mind though, so we'll see..

I Adore.

I literally gasped when I cam across these {John Merrell} chairs via Daisy Pink Cupcake blog today...

The white dainty curves are so feminine and appear delicate... then you have that sophisticated and bold black and white fabric on the back which creates the perfect combination.. they seem to say "Yes, I am delicate, but don't mistake that for a weakness". Which is a philosophy I like to live by.. is it strange that chairs can speak to me that way?

Whether it is or not, I care not.. because it is how I feel about things like the home, the interior, old furniture, etc.. and I honestly believe many of you out there feel the same...

Is there a picture of a room, or a piece of furniture that seems to describe you?

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I am in the middle of redoing my youngest daughters{Paris Abella} bedroom. Her walls are a mint green and I have added a few touches of pastel pink. Her drapes are the long dupioni silk Shabby Chic drapes. I love her room so far, however, the bed is in serious need of some color. I would like to add some throw pillows. I know that I want a few in pastel pink, but to match the Eifell towers in her room, I thought a few home made throw pillows would be nice. I looked for fabric with the keywork "Paris". This is what I found. I love both but cannot decide between the two. I know that the Vintage ladies would match the feel of her room, but I am loving the bright colors and fun feel of the other fabric. Any suggestions?

Oh yes, this is her bedding.. Her walls however, are a mint green and I am accessorizing with pastel pink.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nate Berkus. Give Away. The City Sage.

Go have a look.

I have entered and OH how I would love to win one of these gorgeous pieces!


My work is on one of my very favorite blogs, Dwellings and Decor. I was so thrilled when Rachel asked if she could post images of my before/after pieces I posted last week. I love her blog and have seen so much inspiration on there! Make sure to have a look!

And because a post just isn't a post without a little eye candy, here is a little something I found via casasugar. These pieces look so easy to make and I like the contrast of the black and white. To me these are like a modern twist on the traditional plate hanging in the dining room. I love decorative plates. But for those that like something a bit more unique, these are perfect!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Roses.

I am helplessly inlove with the roses in my garden this year.

I look forward to early Saturday mornings when I can go outside and look for new growth in my garden while I slowly sip my first cup of morning coffee.

I have so many other plants and will take and post pictures of them soon.

Until then.. truly.. don't forget to stop and smell the roses...


Before. After.

This was an easy one.

And I love the results.



I am waiting on the coordinating fabric for the chair so here is a sneak peek.


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