Thursday, June 25, 2009

Black and White Outdoor Love.

It's summertime and I am stuck indoors... I thought a little outdoor inspiration in my favorite {black and white} color combination was in order...

This first one is quite immaculate.. the ceiling to floor drapes, the mirror.. I adore it.. it would be so comfortable and cozy.. the drapes allow for privacy when closed yet one can easily let the sunshine in.. I love the tiny pops of red to liven it up a bit.. and the chandelier? hello gorgeous!

This one is more my style.. I love the hanging votive candles and the hydrangeas.. the stone fireplace is so romantic and I love the natural elements used in the vignette..the comfy throw draped on the back of the chair and the candles on the ground are just begging you to come have a seat..

Another modern space..yet the antique chairs behind the sheers and the large mirror add romance to the space..

And I know this is a popular image {rightfully so} but I had to post it.. I LOVE the use of yellow and the stripes.. I adore black and white stripes...
So now I am inspired! I will leave in an hour.. go home and pour some Merlot.. and then go outdoors and do a little of decorating my own outdoor space.. will make for a lovely evening..


Haven and Home said...

These are so pretty, I am green with envy of their owners. Especially the first one, ughhhh.

My Notting Hill said...

If I remember correctly the first one is a design by Kelly Proxmire of Washington DC. It was at a showhouse from years ago. I had a chance to see it - everybody agreed it was fabulous!

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh very pretty. I love the black and white combo. I was actually blogging about the same thing yesterday, but with a living room.

Lovely blog. I'll be back!

New England Girl said...

LOVE all of these so much! I love that first photo... I wish I could curl up with a good book and enjoy my surroundings. That room is so wonderfully pulled together and the red accents and abundant plant life makes the room have an extra bit of something.

Found your blog through Home & Haven and am very glad I did! :)

Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

I am crazy for those outdoor spaces. The one with the yellow is my inspiration. I have a blk & wh. awning that is now grey & wh. due to hot TX sun. D: Even outdoor fabric doesn't last long here I am finding out. The first one is amazing as well. Lovely!!


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