Friday, June 26, 2009

Mother of Pearl.

Oh how I LOVE Mother of Pearl! I did a small google search to find her history and found that Mother of Pearl was used in decor' as far back as 4000 BC in Egypt.

I love the inlay on this mirror I would love to see this mirror hanging in my plum colored bedroom! It would match perfectly.. {swoon!}

I also love these mother of pearl mosaic tiles.. SO many things could be done with these! I would LOVE to tile an entire wall with one!

Glamorous, yes?

It's only natural for me to have Black Mother of Pearl on here as well. Can you imagine washing your hands in this beauty

This one has my heart racing.

And then there are the more simple uses of this beauty... and when I say simple, I do not in any way feel or mean less beautiful...

I adore this vintage Mother of Pearl necklace.

Lovely frames from Restoration Hardware.

and this dainty mirror above this lucky little lady's room...

And for my favorite...

Celestina Mother of Pearl Clutch.


Linda/"Mom" said...

*Hi! Just "foudn you" at Notting Hill"... and this pink bedroom you've shown? I don't think I've EVER, EVER seen pink done BETTER! It's a pink that's simply & oh-so-pale delicious... definitely the "NON-FATTENING" kind, and it's STUNNING!

Linda in AZ *!!!

Natasha said...

Hmmm....mother of pearl. I'd like a handle in mother of pearl for my future pink lady smith .38. Yum yum!

Willow Decor: said...

My favorite is the clutch!! Did you see the new chests from Wisteria? I think they are mother of pearl too!


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