Thursday, December 31, 2009


{Click Images To Enlarge So Their Lovely Detail Can Be Better Seen.}
I have learned many {interior related} things this year. One of which is the obvious.. that I will never, ever tire of black and white interiors.

And that the idea of colorful interiors is one that I find quite tempting. What energy some of these rooms must have.. I do not know, however, if I would easily tire of them.

But most importantly I have learned that so many others out there share the same passion for interior design as I do. Before I discovered blogging, I had only a small number of people to discuss decor with. And now, not only can I share my ideas, work, inspiration, and {home} fantasies, but I can also read about the many others that feel the same. So on that note, 2009 was a great year.. a year of discovery perhaps.. a year of learning and trying new things.. a year of realizing that my dream career may {hopefully} one day come true...
So here is to you my fellow bloggers..
Thank you for a beautiful year.

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