Friday, February 13, 2009


My dear friend Sonja.. funny.. fashionista.. aspiring entrepreneur in the fashion world.. A few design ideas for your purple room.. {i noticed it on your inspiration board... and well.. here's what i found}

I found a few rugs I think look like your taste..


Love the gold pouf.

Black works too.
This one has storage which is a plus. Great place for fabric maybe?

Comfy pillows.

What room doesn't need a mirror?

Storage is a must for all of your tiny little pretties.

And one tiny little detail I just adore. Have you seen a cuter mouse pad? ever?
love it.

1 comment:

Natasha said...

No I haven't seen a cuter mouse pad! LOVING THE COLORS!!! I know I want the bookcase and the rugs and everything! LOL!


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