Friday, March 6, 2009

Simply Adorable.

Loving this bedroom.
The colors.. the simplicity..

It's almost like stepping back in time.
Can't you just see a curly haired little sweety wearing mary jane's and a button up cardigan climbing up into this cozy little bed to read with her dolly?
Notice the glass door knob?

I love how the beds have been painted a shade darker than the walls. This is a fabulous idea and very easy to do. Though easily painted this type of bed is difficult to find.

A green ribbon has been added to the drapes to carry the color through out the room.

I love the lamp. However, I feel it desperately needs a new shade.
The picture frame seems a tad too large for the table as well.

This is the only image I have of this room but I imagine an armoire and wooden doll house on the opposite side of the room. Maybe even a rocking chair or antique doll bed?

The simple bedding leads me to believe this is perhaps a beach house. Notice the throw pillows?

There are so many things that could be done to this room.. I think what I really love about it must be the wall and bed colors.

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