Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Adore.

Tonight I found French Blue & Co.

From the very first beautifully french page, to the ringing door bells to direct you through each section of this enchanted store, one can be come quite tranquilized by the beauties found within.

These beauties I speak of are French Antiques.

* A monogrammed dish found in Paris. Believed to be from a hotel.

* Vintage Mother of Pearl Binoculars. {I LOVE Mother of Pearl}

*Vintage real ostrich feathered hat.

This site is worth visiting, I promise.

When I think of the times passed in which these beautiful items belonged to, I simply cannot stop swooning!


Kellie ~ Ada and Darcy said...

How gorgeous is that hat! Beautiful!!

Tiina of LiviaConcept said...

Hi Jolena! Thank you for your sweet comment on my dream world blog :) I love this necklace, it's so sophisticated and feminine. Little Chanel maybe, I adore!
I also liked your wedding blog with all the cakes and dresses... Hope you'll have a nice weekend!


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