Sunday, May 3, 2009

It Was A Great Weekend.

After much searching, we finally found dining room chairs for Tiffany's kitchen

Antique Broyhill. Three for $25


Hand Painted and Upholstered.

Left in my house when we bought it were a few antique chairs.

We had fabric leftover so we thought we would use it on one of them.

Now, this chair still needs the cording added to the fabrics edges, so it is mid-project. You can still see the staples. I still had to post the picture because it is just amazing what a little paint and fabric can do. I will post another picture when it's complete.


Kellie Collis said...

You have done a wonderful job with these chairs!! Absolutely gorgeous :)

Natasha said...


Jolena said...

Thank you both! I honestly loved every minute of it.. I cannot wait to redo another one! This one will be painted white :)

Georgia B. said...

oh, my goodness! that turned out beautifully. it's inspiring me to look for diamonds in the rough like that!

found your blog through the vintage chair. i love it!



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