Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer Time, And The Livings Easy.

It seems as though summer is slowly coming to an end. We've had a few rainy days and the air feels like fall already. The cold morning air reminds me of the days soon to come. Though I love the fall I am not quite ready for it. I will miss the free time in the evenings spent with my girls.. no homework or early bedtimes.. playing barefoot in the grass, birthday parties, swimming, catching fireflies, drinking cold chardonnay on a hot sticky night, the smell of sunscreen, ice cream and Popsicles, flip flops,gardening,roller coasters and funnel cakes, and that perfect feeling of the sun warming my back.. oh how I will miss you summer...


Haven and Home said...

It is going to quickly!

the real mia said...

Those red fingernails and ruffles go splendidly together. Oooh la la.


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