Friday, October 23, 2009

Vintage Halloween.

Those who know me know I love all things vintage. So when browsing Country Living and came across this article, I just had to share. The pics are fantastic and the story even more so.. enjoy...

"At twilight on an October evening, the Connecticut woods behind designer Bruce Elsass's home assumes the sort of Halloween glow that typically can be found only in illustrations. Lanterns swing from branches, casting a golden light across a bed of fallen leaves, and beneath the indigo sky, a long table is set with treats and realistic-looking ravens. The pathway to this setting is lined with jack-o'-lanterns, and even before the party's festivities, which include vintage games and a magic show, the air is filled with excitement. "

"When he entertains, Bruce combines his collection with items from his line of reproduction vintage designs. These include dinnerware (the plates' orange rims feature reproduced storybook illustrations from the 1920s and '30s) on a table with a "Web" tablecloth fashioned from cheesecloth. The table is also set with early-20th-century noisemakers and 1930s Bakelite flatware. The centerpiece is comprised of his antique papier-mâché Jack-O'-Lanterns, a German horn-shaped noicemaker and faux ravens."

The home made dress/witch costume? was said to have been from 1908. Oh how I love vintage!

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