Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bedside Tables.

Last night after I finished my reading, I layed down my glasses and book on my bedside table. It could have been the wine, but I began to think about how much I adored my bedside table.. my own little space for my things on my side of the bed.. all mine.. I share my bed. I share my dresser. I share my closet. But not this.... she is mine.

No keys or loose change.. or crumpled old receipts like on his side of the bed.. no no.. just my little pretties and perhaps a coffee stain or two.

I started thinking about all of the many different varieties of bedside tables.
The traditional.

The chair turned bedside table. {Love this idea}

A chest of drawers turned bedside table.

Vintage luggage...

And the mirrored tables are my favorite.

What kind of bedside table do you have?


Jacqueline said...

Oh , I so relate to what is in the OTHER sides bedside table....change , receipts, indigestion tablets , business cards ,odd bits of paper etc. etc. & mine , all girly with cuticle cream , a book , maybe a stray piece of underwear , a photograph of the children ...
I love the ones that you have shown especially the old case and the chair. XXXX

Natasha said...

Looove the 1st pic and the one with the luggage. I need something for an asian feel. I was going to do shelving beside my bed but I don't want to. We're thinking of getting a king size bed, so the space is going to be very very small!! Sounds like I need to visit Home Goods!!!

♥ Kenlie ♥ said...

I love the luggage as a side table...but mine is actually pretty contemporary. I have a stack of books on the shelf below, and I leave my cell there, my lamp, etc.

Haven and Home said...

Love mirrored tables!


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