Thursday, July 16, 2009

On Glamour.

I thought after my posts on antiques and paint chipped lovelies a little glamour was in order. You see I love to mix the two. An elegant room with perhaps an aged piece or two appropriately placed.

The crystal chandelier and sconce add glamour to the room while the sepia family photographs add interest. I look at this and think that the silver must be an antique family heirloom -because of the photos. It's interiors like this that I love to visit. The one's with questions, with personality and warmth.

I love the dramatic effect the dark color gives these two rooms. Though this room is a bit modern for my taste, the long lady like drapes add softness and warmth.

I love the colors in this room. It reminds me a bit of Jacqueline Kennedy's dressing room in the White House. The blue color is similar, and as she had a cheetah print settee to add a pop of glamour, this bed has a white fur throw.
Simple Elegance. I love it.

To me this room is pure glamour. I love mirrors in any room, and these two are just divine. I love the white drapes against the white walls. Also the pink sink pillows are just the right amount of color in this room. If you look closely into the large mirrors you can see the rest of the room.. which is darling.

Like the white on white in the previous photo, color on color in this room is just as lovely. I love the chair and the splash of red from the rug.

And the most simple photo of all, yet still very lovely. Marble.. mirror.. and a lovely silver box. Even small rooms can have glamour. I love the silver tray with lotion, perfume, and a bit of jewelry. I think every lady should have a space somewhere in her home for her own every day glamour. After all, is that not one of the greatest joys of being a girl?


Natasha said...

Love the colors of the blue walls and drapes.

Jacqueline said...

These are lovely rooms, Jolena... I love the big chandelier and it's nice to see some colour. lovely. XXXX

Rachel Follett said...

Your inspiration is so handsome and elegant! Love the dark wood.


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