Monday, September 14, 2009


As one can likely tell by my blog title, I have a love for all things black.. this includes decor and fashion. This weekend my daughter Madison and I had a great yet messy time painting her bedroom furniture black. Her walls are aqua and she has items in hot pink in her room as well. This is a "tween" room and it looks so rock n' roll.. we love it.. I couldn't believe what a major difference it made in her room. It added just a bit of sophistication to the room. My computer at home is down so I am unable at this time to post photos of our hard work :( However, here are some lovely photos of black decor... some of my favorites.. and the one w/the interior door painted black... I am seriously considering that! I love it...

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Haven and Home said...

Sounds like she an awesome room (and a fun Mom)to boot!


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