Friday, September 25, 2009

I Often Wonder.

What it is about the color black that I love so much. As one can easily see, I adore black whether interior or exterior.
Is it the the feeling it brings of sultry elegance? The dark mysteriousness?

Or perhaps it's the feeling of glamour?

Perhaps it's the way a demur amount can add sophistication to a space.

Surprisingly to some, black can be quite versatile. For example, it is usually associated with modern decor. However, in my opinion, the color black adds a touch of elegance to what one may consider country or shabby.

Regardless of reason, I adore this color.. I would even go as far as to say it is my signature color.. hence the name Black Ribbon Interiors...
For those that have considered using black but fear it's darkness, I say take the risk.. and I can assure you that you will be pleased with the results...

On another note...much of todays rooms I see are filled with white.. white walls, white furniture, and then pops of color.. what is more timeless than black and white? Why not try the all white fad with color and also black? This I imagine would be quite stunning..

So I will no longer wonder why... The colors description alone is reason enough... dark, mysterious, sultry, cultured, elegant... yes..yes.. I love all of those!


New England Girl said...

black just adds so much to a space. I love all of the photos/examples/commentary you included. It sums up this color's staying power and elegance to a tee!

Lauren said...

i'm loving black lately too. we have a ton of white but have added lots of black throughout my kitchen & am loving it. (wallpaper, hardware, etc.)


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