Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Light and Lovely.

When I woke up this morning and went downstairs to pour my morning cup of coffee I couldn't help but notice the trees blowing wildly outside my window in the cool morning air... "cool morning air".

Yes. It's here. Officially.

I am of course very happy about the arrival of fall. I adore fall.. the smells, the colors, the sound of the wind, the crackle of the fallen leaves..

My girls and I are having so much fun planning for Halloween.. the decorations are up, but we want more! And both girls have changed their costume ideas at least five times.. as of right now Madison is going to be Mother Nature or a Rockin' Witch. Paris Abella is going to be a Lady Bug or a Ballerina..

I usually try to add images to my posts that match my words.. and though it may seem these do not, they actually do... Why? Because I just looked out the window at the cool gray sky and felt the overwhelming sensation that this really is it..

Goodbye lovely girly colored flowers and hello mums. Goodbye lovely silk night gown and hello fleece and Brad's comfy huge socks. Goodbye warmth of sunshine, hello lovely jacket...

Goodbye Summer, I shall miss you. Hello Fall, I've been waiting for you.

Tonight an extra blanket will be thrown on our beds... I look forward to snuggling in it.

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Haven and Home said...

It feel so nice today!!!! Fall is here.


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