Thursday, September 24, 2009

Memories In Frames.

I love when I visit someones home and it is filled with interesting things to look at.. photographs, artwork, collections, even framed fabrics.

The images below are a few things hanging in my staircase... artwork from my daughters and old photo's..

And this is a little something I made for a friend.. Framed sheet music she had shared with a very close friend of hers.. one would play while the other sang.. as a gift she had me frame it for her.. When I suggested we frame it she thought it was a lovely idea.. I think this would look nice as a part of a gallery wall as well.

And last of all, a framed antique dresser scarf I made for my daughters room.. I loved the colors in the stitching and painted the frame to match..

And I think any of these images would be an outstanding addition...
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bikim said...

Great ways to show photos or any pic!! loved the displays. thanks for sharing. have a sweet weekend,


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