Monday, September 28, 2009


The look of this room.

My ten yr.olds room is similar as far as the colors. I've recently painted her wood furniture black and it looks fantastic. It added just enough sophistication to it to take it from "little girl" to "tween".


These "sea" items have been removed..we were going for a surfer girl look.. she's a tom boy and loves Roxy, etc.. Now there is a black sign that says "Rock Star" w/fuscia and neon green stars.. definitely fits her personality more now..

The shelf you see in this picture has been painted black along w/her book shelf and dresser.. I regret that I don't have any "after" pics at this time but will post some as soon as I can..
Her bed is similar to the iron one in the first photo.. I considered painting it black but am still afraid to... I like the look of the blue too.. What do you think?

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