Friday, September 18, 2009

Wishing you.

A deliciously beautiful weekend.

This evening when I leave work I am taking Paris to Target to get herself a barbie. She has earned this money on her own through helping around the house, making her own bed in the mornings, and helping clear the table after has Madison.. Madison however, will be spending the night with a friend from school. Brad is fishing and I have coffee and merlot to drink and a new vintage mirror to paint. I also plan on doing a little baking and gardening.. I cannot wait to leave the office and feel the crisp fall air blended with the warm sunshine..

If I have time I plan on making a chalkboard for my kitchen using a gorgeous white victorian antique frame.. wish me luck!


bikim said...

Sooo many plans for the weekend! a long time ago i also used to plan lots of things for the wk but i was never able to do it and then would be frustated so... i decided never do that. wish you luck to do all those things! Have a lovely weekend,

Haven and Home said...

Hope you had a great weekend, good luck with the chalkboard!

Jolena said...

Thank you both! I was unable to do the chalk board but instead my girls and I had a fabulous time getting out our Halloween decorations.. it was very nice...

Anonymous said...

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