Wednesday, April 22, 2009

And Many More.

Tonight's post is going to be short and sweet as I am exhausted. It's been such a chaotic week and the mandatory overtime at my office has taken it's toll on me.

I just ordered a few goodies for Paris Abella's fifth birthday party and I am so excited and just wanted to share.. {and my lovie has been asleep for a LONG time now lol}

Last year I purchased this tea set from Pottery Barn Kids. Though it was expensive, Paris adores it.. and it is played with often.. by her and her friends.. even my older daughter's friends love it..

{Hers of course is personalized to say Paris}
My point is that their merchandise is great, and if you really want it, it's worth the cost.

So! Here are the goodies..

As you know, she will start kindergarten this fall :( So I purchased the lavender backpack with the matching lunch bag.. both w/her name embroidered..

I plan on filling this with pencils, tissues, antibacterial hand gel, etc..

Like her sister Madison, she has a love for art, so we decided on this art apron.. also personalized..

Paris is quite the girly girl as well.. so a jewelry box with her name on it will be nice too.

Now, I understand these are not the most thrilling gifts for a five year old to receive.. I also plan on getting her a build a bear {her first one if you can believe it} We'll be taking her and Madison together as a special treat.. also a few barbies I would imagine.. and maybe.. maaaaaaybe a Justice gift card.. I understand she is young.. but I am telling you, that child loves that store! LOL

Oh yes.. my birthday is on the 14th.. Paris' the 17th.. I believe the cake below and a coffee will be just fine for my big 30! ;)


Kellie Collis said...

How gorgeous is that tea-set!?! Lovely post, made me smile. Kellie

Jolena said...

Thank you so much.. it's something that I will never get rid of.. my grand babies will play w/their mommies old tea set some day, you know?

Jules said...

Paris is one lucky girl! what great gift ideas :) and that cake! it looks amazing!!! great post!

Jolena said...

Thanks to you both.. I was so excited after placing my order and just had to tell someone! LOL... Kellie.. the tea set is not cheaply made at all.. she has had it a year and it looks brand new.. just incase you need any future gift ideas.. And Jules.. I LOVE that cake too! If only I can figure out the technique. I've flat iced before.. rather fun actually.. but the ruffles.. not sure.. but Im going to try! Thanks for the comments and take care!

Natasha said...

Such a perfect mum! I am totally jealous of sweet lil' Paris.

Jolena said...

Oh you are too sweet! Thank you Sonja.. :)


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