Monday, April 13, 2009

Then and Now.

I am hopelessly and willingly inlove with an era I missed but still somehow feel as if I belong in.

A time of love letters.

A time of relentlessly beautiful and more importantly meaningful music.

A time of great hair, dresses and red lipstick.

{Can you find Marilynn?}

I think that is why I am drawn to pieces that are or appear time worn.

Because those pieces have a history, a beautiful past, a story.

These pieces, this mirror... like a reflection of it's beautiful history.

These "reflections" that remain in homes in my opinion, bring not only timeless beauty, but character that cannot be bought at a store.

This armoire for example.. GORGEOUS.


And I think what I love most is that it isn't being used for quilts or linens but instead a darling cocktail cabinet.

Traditional sofa but in a beautiful gold color.

Old family photographs displayed in new matted black frames.

Original, classic hardware on a boldly painted door.

Wood floors painted white and re-upholstered classic chairs.

These rooms were obviously built years previous, but have been updated perfectly with delicate touches such as paint color, modern furnishings, or just a fabulous chandelier.


I believe this to be an old attic turned sun room. The chandelier adds just a hint of glamour to this soft palette.

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