Thursday, April 16, 2009

Do Come In?

We speak daily about the importance of the interior. Tonight however, I was thinking about that one place each of our guests must visit before entering our work of art, our home.

Our Entry way.

Very Important.

I believe the front door and entry way are the first sign of what one will find inside.

I believe that the personality the home owner wishes to portray begins with the first ring of the bell.

So keep in mind just how important step one is.

And never, ever be afraid to try colors outside of the box.

Because the results can and most likely will be amazing.

A few things to remember to keep on hand in an entryway: Umbrellas, A Mirror for last minute glances and lipstick applications ;) Fresh Flowers, A place for keys to be stored, and maybe even a few photo frames....


Alexis said...

I am working on my entryway right now and, b/c it is so small, all I have room for to make my statement is a light and a rug. I like thing that are classic with a bit of a twist and am totally stumped on lighting...any thoughts?

Jolena said...

My entryway is small too. I have a lovely persian rug and it's amazing how much it adds to the space.. warmth/ie welcoming. A mirror is a great idea... If you have enough wall space beneath the mirror maybe you could hang some nice hooks to hang things on such as your purse, scarf, etc.. As far as lighting, is there a place for a side wall mount light, or perhaps an overhead light? Or do you want a lamp on a table? It's difficult to advise without seeing the space.. On another note about the mirror, that will add some light to the space, so it's definitely a must! I would love to talk more w/you about this if you could send me the link to your blog?


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