Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dear Bloggettes.

Oh how I have missed you.. the writings, the images, the inspiration.. my computer has been out of service for awhile now hence the MIA. But I am back... Oh how I am looking forward to my red wine and blogging tonight!

And what is a post without a little decor' inspiration?

I adore this picture.. Am also loving whomever had the courage to use such a bold color for an exterior door..
I, like many others, love a red door. But I must admit it has become over done.. atleast in my area... agree?
I would so love to see more of this home's interior and exterior. However, I do not remember where I found this photograph.. I just had it saved in one of my "favorite" files.. any information on this if anyone recognizes it would be great..

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Natasha said...

Love the Tiffany-esque color too!

I had some EXCELLENT cabernet savignon from a California vineyard. My manager buys wine by the case and hands out a bottle every now and again. I must say that even though it was extra dry, I really really enjoyed it. Might even be the best wine I have had so far.


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