Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sweet Dreams.

Unfortunately I am much too tired to do much posting this evening. I worked over fifty hours last week and it begins again tomorrow.

I will for now, leave you with this thought.. quality bedding.

I am in the middle of redoing our bedroom. We have scrumptious flannel sheets, downe pillows and a downe comforter in which my lovie got me for Christmas.

However, I have yet to purchase our actual bedding.

The room color is a "plum" or "egg plant" *LOVE* I have black furniture with a soon to be white fire place, and white crown molding.. Anyhow, I don't want a "catalog" bedding set.. I want something natural, beautiful, and even a bit wrinkled so I can literally just fall into it worry free.. asking too much? Oh yes, and I am certainly keeping my eyes open for a faux throw or faux sheepskin rug in white for in front of the fireplace.. I suppose I could call this room natural glamour? LOL.. TIME for bed!

I believe as I take my last sip of merlot and crawl into bed, I will drift into slumber thinking about our new bedding.. more on this forthcoming.. until then, good night all.. and have a happy Monday..

P.S. One last {and most important} thing! Any ideas or suggestions on where to purchase said ideas would be greatly appreciated.. thanks to all :)


thevintagechair said...

Thanks for the advice about the fireplace. and YES you should definitely post before and after pictures!! I'd love to see!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Ah, bedding. I have no idea. I've only ever gone to Ikea! But the ones you picture look lovely.


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