Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dear Cupid.

Thank you for my Sweet Heart..

However, if you can find room in your bag of magic arrows, could you send a few of these goodies my way?

Etched Candle Set- Includes Wilde Flower {blackberry leaf} Scarlet Geranium {sophisticated floral scent} Belle of India {exotic jasmine} and Cassis {cassis and fig} Can you say yummy!?!

Geometric Bangle = Need!

Loving the Black Rabbit Fur Pillow for my bedroom...

And perhaps my favorite.. The Cornucopia Bath Elixr.. "Layers of blackberry, apple and melon combined with cinamonn, violet and lantanna blooms. Undercurrents of vetiver, teak and vanilla oak base the aroma with richness."
All Items Via Bestow Boutique.
Stop by Coco+Kelley to get details on the Valentine's Day give away from Bestow!

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