Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Small, small Progress.

So as you can see the color I decided to use.... I LOVE black and white for interior as well as fashion... Anyhow.. below is a picture of a bed rail.. I don't want to post a picture of the bed yet because it's not complete.. I will tell you that it is a four poster bed and I plan on hanging sheers from the railing.. I can't wait to finish it..

Notice the glass door knob? Those are one of the many reasons why I fell inlove with this house when we found it..


Natasha said...

That looks so gorgeous!!! I am thinking of a lighter purple shade for my sewing room.

Something Old~Something New said...

Thank you so much.. I do adore the color.. I almost went with a gray but on our way to buy the paint I told myself the gray was too easy.. I wanted to take a risk..lol.. and I love the outcome.. I think a lilac/light purple would be beautiful for your sewing room.. White crown molding and drapes to let in the natural sunlight.. very relaxing.. If you need a paint buddy let me know, I'll be there!!!

technology said...



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