Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chocolate and Cream with a few Crystals please...

Last weekend I was very fortunate to be given a lovely dining room table with the matching chairs... My mother in law and I did a trade.. I gave her my antique set which she plans on painting black or giving it a dark brushed finish so the grain of the wood will still show through. She gave me a newer set.. dark wood finish top with the most lovely curved legs and the matching chairs are sleigh back style with cream silk cushions.
In addition to happily gazing into my dining room at this lovely new set, I have also been doing a bit of researching... I have and want to keep the overall back drop of the room, but there are a few changes I would like to make.. The room now is painted chocolate brown. There is large crown molding on the floors and ceilings that are painted a bright white.. I have a cocktail table like the one shown in the picture below. { Which by the way is antique as well. The owner left it to us when we bought the house because it was far too heavy to be moved.. I certainly did not complain! He told me it was Baker. However, there is not a name plate. If anyone knows how else I could find out if it is or is not Baker that would be appreciated immensely..}

My drapes are a cream silk similar to those shown below...

The chairs are similar to these. However mine are sleigh back not rounded.. but the fabric is nearly identical...

And lastly the image below I added simply for a little inspiration.. It has the dark walls and the feel of the room that I love.. And to be honest it makes me want to grab a book and coffee and sit for a bit! And how fabulous is the mirrored ceiling??? Anyway, though our dining room is a bit formal we use it often.. I am hoping to accomplish the elegant look but without making it feel like a room one must be careful in.. It will still be used when my girls want to color.. for homework, birthday parties, and of course at each meal... So my goal here is I suppose.. to combine an elegant look with the ease of every day.. Make sense? Any tips or advice will be appreciated!

And one more thing before I head to work! The post below about the chandalier.. that is the dining room chandalier I am speaking of.. Thanks all!

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Natasha said...

Sounds sooo lovely! I can't wait to see it your new set!


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