Wednesday, January 21, 2009


It Is!!!

Most likey October 16th.

Here are a few ideas I found and adore and absolutely plan on using.
First of all our favorite time of year is the fall.. so October is perfect. And what is more romantic and cozy than candlelight on a cold fall evening? I am planning on a candle lit ceremony..
Notice the candles all around? Even on the floor.. I love it..

Sweet chardonnay and warm red wine.

The ceremony and reception will take place in the same room. Therefore, I will be using place settings for the guest. I love the idea of the oranges for place settings. I also plan on using small pumpkins and maybe apples.

A cozy fireplace mantel. The place I've selected has a fireplace. If I can't use it for a fire I like the idea of filling it with personalized pumpkins and candles.

Just some decorations.. I love the simplicity and warmth of the candles in the Mason jars.. delicately tied with a sweet ribbon..

Cranberry Champagne= yum and definitely!


Natasha said...

Are you saying that this is your wedding date?!?!?!?!

Something Old~Something New said...

Yes. I hope. We are definitely getting married as soon as we can but have run into a few timing issues. I will keep you posted. I was wondering when you were going to read this ;) I thought it would be a fun little surprise...

Natasha said...

Oh my goodness!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Something Old~Something New said...

Thank you.. I am very happy....

superior said...



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