Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis

I read today that Michelle Obama has selected Michael Smith, the well known Los Angeles-based designer take on the honor of redecorating the private quarters of the executive mansion. My first thought was of the lovely Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.. Her efforts in the restoration of and the tour of the White House are quite legendary. With the help of Society Decorator Sister Parish, her efforts toward this grand work begun her first day of residence. Let it be said that this task was not taken on for self purpose. Jackie Kennedy began the restoration of the White House because of the dismay she felt during her pre-inaguration tour due to finding little of historical signifigance in the house. Some say that there was signifigant gossip and shock at certain things such as repainting of a room, or the high cost of the antique Zuber wallpaper panels. However,she initiated publication of the first White House guidebook in which sales further funded the restoration. She also initiated a Congressional bill that determined that White House furnishings would be the property of the Smithsonian Institution. Below are images of the White House before and after restoration. Taken in 1962, Mrs. Kennedy's bedroom... Notice the two black and white photographs framed on her dresser.. one of which appears to be her wedding picture.. Does it get any more classic than that? The "Blue Room" 1952 And then in 1962... It goes without saying that Mrs. Kennedy was one of exquisite taste... East Hall Sitting Room 1960 1962... Notice the difference it makes just letting the light in.. Also there was a gorgeous chandalier added... The bedroom of "John-John Kennedy" I love the white radio on his dresser.. and I love the white canopy over the crib.. I ecspecially love that in those times the canopy would be suitable for a baby crib whether a boy or a girl.. and of Caroline Kennedy.. I love the horse.. and the toy bird hanging from her bed canopy.. This is the Treaty Room after restoration.. The Private Dining Room... The wall paper in this room is quite legendary.. Stephane Boudin, du Pont, and Sister Parish are to be credited as well for the success on the White House Restoration. I feel so honored to know that the passion and understanding I have of this legendary piece of history will be shared and appreciated by many others that feel the same. Enjoy the read.. Enjoy the photos.. and Enjoy knowing that Mrs. Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis understood and shared the love and importance of design in the home...... The Red Room... If you look to the far left of this picture you will see the mirror Mrs. Kennedy referrs to in the White House Tour video.. that at the time of the video was broken... The Lincoln Bedroom, formerly President Lincoln's Cabinet Room. Nearly every piece in this room is from Lincoln's presidency.. bought by Mrs. Lincoln herself. The table in the room holds one of only five copies of the Ghettisburg Address written in his own hand.

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Natasha said...

Jackie O was sooo wonderful! I'm afraid that the Obama's are copycats with everything they do.


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