Saturday, January 31, 2009

Home Horoscope 2009.


Getting back to basics is your priority in 2009; in your life and in your home, you're drawn to substance as much as style. During hectic times, your home is a serene haven that keeps you grounded. You'll seek out one-of-a-kind pieces this year, but nothing fussy or overwrought—the more organic and natural, the more beautiful it appears to you.
** I think it's so funny that my horoscope says I'm drawn to substance as much as style.. I think that sums up esactly what I was trying to say in my post below! {Simple}**

2009 Home Keyword: Green
Sustainable, eco-friendly design isn’t just a trend to earthy Taureans—it's an important aspect of feeling comfortable in your space. This year, you'll source materials for your home thoughtfully and responsibly.

** I cannot wait to get started on my garden this spring.. I was reading in Elle how one can start herbs inside through the winter and then transplant them to the ground in spring.. The image above is Rosemary Irene.. Not only is it beautiful, but perhaps my favorite herb of all.. partly because of it's flavor.. but mostly because of it's scent.. There is nothing like the smell of fresh Rosemary..

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